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    Abby Wambach JWS Podcast Episode 24

    Hosted by Jennie Finch, Bianca Belair
    USWNT icon Abby Wambach sits down with Kelley O'Hara to discuss her two Olympic gold medals, World Cup Championship, and how she's still showing up as a leader in her role as NWSL owner. 
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    A’ja Wilson & Harris Pastides

    Hosted by JSW Guest
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  • Sofia Huerta talks USWNT, pre-game fits, and healthy hobbies

    Hosted by Sofia Huerta
    USWNT and OL Reign defender Sofia Huerta joins Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams to discuss her national team experience, OL Reign’s pre-game fashion, the importance of nutrition, and much more on the latest episode of Snacks.
  • USWNT Legend Briana Scurry talks USWNT sisterhood

    Hosted by Briana Scurry
    World Cup champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist Brianna Scurry joins Snacks to discuss her groundbreaking career. The trio discuss the fight for equal pay, what it takes to write a book, race in soccer, and whether they would start, bench, or cut Jim Halpert, Dwight Schrute, and Andy Bernard. You can find Briana Scurry's book, The Greatest Save, on Amazon today.
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    Hosted by JSW Guest
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  • Taylor Smith joins Snacks for World Mental Health Day

    Hosted by Taylor Smith
    Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams take a stand on the NWSL Sally Yates report, and welcome Gotham FC's Taylor Smith as she gets candid about her mental health story. October 10th is World Mental Health Day. If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health, a reminder that 988 is the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.
  • Kelley O’Hara talks authenticity, Olympics emotions, and life in DC

    Hosted by Kelley O'Hara
    USWNT star Kelley O'Hara joins Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams for a candid conversation about last year’s Olympics disappointment, what it means to be authentic, and her life in DC. Plus: O’Hara answers one of the most pressing #AskSnacks questions yet: is candy corn good?
  • Mallory Pugh talks wedding planning, USWNT stadium, opera singing, and more

    Hosted by Mallory Pugh
    Mallory Pugh joins Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams on the latest episode of Snacks. Pugh opens up about her engagement to MLB star Dansby Swanson, how she’s managed the transition from teenage prodigy to USWNT superstar, her personal style icons, and her secret talent for opera singing.
  • Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger talk NYC, NWSL, and motherhood

    Hosted by Ashlyn Harris, Ali Krieger
    Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger join Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams to discuss the joys and responsibilities of being soccer icons. The pair discuss their love of New York City, the whirlwind adoption process of their daughter Sloane, the state of the NWSL, and what comes next for both them and women’s soccer.
  • Spirit captain Andi Sullivan on being a young leader and a dog mom

    Hosted by Andi Sullivan
    Andi Sullivan joins Lynn Williams and Sam Mewis to discuss what it’s been like to captain the NWSL Champion Washington Spirit from such a young age. The USWNT and NWSL star talks lessons learned, how to keep a clear head, what success means to her, and her life off the field as a dog mom.
  • Desiree Scott talks KC Current and her Canadian roots

    Hosted by Desiree Scott
    Desiree Scott of the Kansas City Current joins teammates Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams to discuss her NWSL journey and international career. The veteran co-caption dishes on how the Current have changed since 2013, then discusses her time with the Canadian national team and how the adoption of her brother changed her as a person. The trio end with some American/Canadian trivia, and of course #AskSnacks!
  • Sam Kerr, Chelsea superstar and Finn’s auntie

    Hosted by Sam Kerr
    Soccer superstar Sam Kerr joins Lynn Williams and Sam Mewis to discuss playing for Chelsea, hosting next year’s World Cup in Australia, her favorite Chipotle order, and what it’s like to be a part of the Mewis clan.
  • Young Baby Soph, aka Sophia Smith of the Thorns/USWNT

    Hosted by Sophia Smith
    Portland Thorns/USWNT forward Sophia Smith joins Sam and Lynn to discuss her journey to becoming the first player born in the 2000s to play for the national team. Sophia talks about going pro at 21 after winning a national title at Stanford, how she developed such a strong work ethic at such a young age, her approach to mental health, and what comes next in her career. Plus: Lynn and Sam quiz Sophia about all things Gen Z.
  • Kristen Hammy-Handy-Man-Hamilton-Hammer-Time

    Hosted by Kristin Hamilton
    KC Current forward Kristen Hamilton joins Lynn and Sam to chat soccer memories, her hobbies off the field, and the journey to becoming her truest self. Leslie Osborne then joins the pod to discuss health and wellness in her transition from a soccer player to a runner, and how and how a specific new set of Nike running shoes are helping her reach her goals.
  • Fashion, Motherhood, and Mindfulness ft. Sarah Gorden

    Hosted by Sarah Gordon
    Angel City FC defender Sarah Gorden joins Lynn and Sam to chat moving to Los Angeles from Chicago, her injury recovery, and being a mother as a professional athlete. Sarah also discusses her passion for fashion and her goals for the future.
  • Snacks is Back! Catching up with Lynn & Sam

    Snacks. Is. Back. Lynn and Sam talk about life updates, recovery updates, and what they have been up to since moving to Kansas City in the first episode of Snacks Season 3.
  • Our Big Announcement! Special Little Podcast Episode

    Sam and Lynn hop back on the Pod during their time off between seasons to bring you an exciting announcement! You won’t want to miss it!
  • Making Adult Friends ft. Becky Sauerbrunn

    Hosted by Becky Sauerbrunn
    Lynn talks about finally getting to go to Australia after waiting two long years, and Sam talks about making friends with her neighbors. The two are then joined by their USWNT teammate, Becky Sauerbrunn, to discuss her favorite podcast, what she’s like outside of soccer, and what she does for self-care.
  • We are Pod Heads ft. Abby Dahlkemper

    Hosted by Abby Dahlkemper
    Sam and Lynn talk about the power of their podcast, the podcasts they’ve been on and are listening to, ultimately declaring themselves Pod Heads. The two are joined by USWNT teammate, Abby Dahlkemper, to talk about weddings, the importance of mental health, and keeping the love of the game when it gets tough.
  • A Farewell to Carli & Having an OK Time ft. Kristie Mewis

    Hosted by Kristie Mewis
    Sam and Lynn talk about Carli Lloyd’s last game. The two are joined by USWNT teammate, and Sam’s sister, Kristie Mewis to talk about long distant relationships, funny moments in Tokyo, and how their parents are still embarrassing them.
  • Our Halloween Extravaganza ft. Rose Lavelle

    Hosted by Rose Lavelle
    Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams tell the story of their pumpkin decorations and their favorite Halloween memories. The two are joined by USWNT teammate Rose Lavelle (Ol Reign) to talk about the Halloween costumes she got her dog, Wilma, and how a sports psych has helped keep her mental health strong.
  • I am such a Fall person ft Midge Purce

    Hosted by Midge Purce
    Sam Mewis talks turning the big 2-9 and Lynn gets some good news out of Australia. The two are joined by USWNT teammate Midge Purce (Gotham FC) to talk about the Black Women’s Player Collective ( and their love of fall.
  • Rose Gold Olympians ft. Megan Rapinoe

    Hosted by Megan Rapinoe
    Lynn Williams and Sam Mewis are back! The two OLYMPIANS catch us up on scoring back to back Olympic goals and what they've been up to since. They are joined by Megan Rapinoe (Ol Reign, USWNT) to talk fashion advice, careers, and how they celebrated their Bronze...rose gold medal.
  • The Scrambled Egg Pod ft. Emily Sonnett

    Hosted by Emily Sonnett
    Lynn Williams and Sam Mewis are headed to Tokyo! The two USWNT stars fill us in on their recent matches (and goals) with the NC Courage, Sam and Kristie Mewis’ new venture into beer, and how it feels to both be heading to the Olympics. Sam and Lynn are then joined by teammate Emily Sonnett (Washington Spirit, USWNT) to talk about her making the 2021 roster and what she learned as an alternate at the 2016 Olympics.
  • Mouth Blender ft. Tierna Davidson

    Hosted by Tierna Davidson
    Lynn Williams and Sam Mewis are back from the Summer Series and catching us up on all the USWNT action. They reflect on Carli Lloyd’s 300 caps, what they've learned from trying to make national team rosters over the years, and how to make a homemade smoothie… in your mouth. Sam and Lynn are then joined by teammate Tierna Davidson (Chicago Red Stars, USWNT) to discuss Pride Month and her experience in the LGBTQ community before playing "Are You Smarter than a Tierna?" (Hint: You're not)
  • Speaking of Statistics ft. Pat and Marley

    Lynn Williams and Sam Mewis are teammates once again! They catch us up on their reunion, what it means to be part of this Courage squad, and the underdog mentality that continues to drive them. Sam and Lynn are then joined by their partners Pat and Marley, and no one is holding back on embarrassing stories, pet peeves, and what it's like to be in a relationship with a professional athlete.
  • Casino Champion ft. Crystal Dunn

    Hosted by Crystal Dunn
    Lynn Williams and Sam Mewis are talking BIG moves this week: Sam is returning to the North Carolina Courage, while Lynn is shopping for a house. The two are then joined by former Courage teammate Crystal Dunn (Portland Thorns, USWNT) to find out which team celebrates harder. They also discuss Crystal’s experience with calling out commentators and what the NWSL can do to show up for Black athletes.
  • Mind Meld

    Hosts Lynn Williams and Sam Mewis check in on their current seasons, with Manchester City still eyeing the FAWSL title, while the North Carolina Courage wrap up their Challenge Cup appearance. Lynn and Sam also walk us through the moments following the Derek Chauvin verdict, with Lynn unpacking what it was like to play a game after hearing the news. The two then reflect on what it has meant to be an ally this past year. Finally, they let us in on the biggest question of all… what are their favorite snacks?
  • The Goal That Started It All

    Hosts Lynn Williams and Sam Mewis catch us up on the history of their friendship, from an awkward first carpool to the fateful goal that led them to becoming roommates. The two then take us along as they unpack the last year, discussing changes in their careers, the importance of having honest conversations about race, and how they’ve grown as both players and individuals. Lastly, they dish advice on just how often you really need to wash your towels and sheets.
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    Grab a juice box and cut up some orange slices, because it’s time for Snacks with Lynn and Sam.