Aly Raisman questions USA Gymnastics’ leadership after Simone Biles withdraws


Aly Raisman is concerned about the level of support Simone Biles is getting from USA Gymnastics after Biles dropped out of the team all-around on Tuesday and the individual all-around on Wednesday.

In both instances, Biles cited mental health concerns.

Speaking with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday, Raisman said that the pressure on athletes is enormous.

“Having competed in two Olympics, it is so much pressure. And I think coming from the US, where we are lucky to have so many incredible successful athletes, there’s this pressure that we have to win,” Raisman said.

Raisman also suggested that Biles’ challenges could allude to bigger issues behind the scenes at USA Gymnastics. Calling it “an absolute disaster for years,” she echoed comments she made a few days ago when she called it “rotten from the inside out.”

“Unfortunately, not enough has changed to believe in a safer future,” Raisman told Tapper. “I think this really just shows the lack of leadership at USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic Committee.

“Their best athlete is struggling and is someone there to help her? I think it’s an important question that we should be asking. Does Simone have the support that she needs?”