Dijonai Carrington still isn’t over that Baylor-UConn no-call


Connecticut Sun guard Dijonai Carrington still isn’t over the controversial no-call from last season’s NCAA tournament thriller between Baylor and UConn.

After watching a last-second foul call send Brianna Turner to the line against New York, where the Mercury guard won the game, Carrington took to Twitter, writing, “Oh. So refs do call blatant fouls in the final seconds of big games. Cool cool.”

Last March, Carrington’s Bears fought No. 1 UConn until the very end for their chance to advance to the Final Four of the women’s NCAA Tournament. But during a final drive, Carrington was robbed of a potential game-winning shot.

While many, including Carrington, wanted a foul called, no whistle was blown.

Carrington eventually dropped to one knee, mouthing “what?” in disbelief.

The crucial moment came with just five seconds remaining and Baylor down 68-67. The no-call ultimately sent UConn to their 13th-consecutive women’s Final Four.