Lynn Williams: Carli Lloyd retirement like ‘the end of three eras’

(Omar Vega/Getty Images)

The U.S. women’s national team’s October camp in Minnesota was one for reflection. According to Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams, the team honored Lindsey Horan’s 100th cap and, of course, Carli Lloyd’s retirement.

“Everybody keeps saying it’s the end of an era, but I feel like it’s the end of three eras,” Williams says while discussing Lloyd’s farewell tour on the latest episode of the Snacks podcast.

Lloyd also surprised Horan at the camp when she announced she’d be passing her No. 10 jersey to the midfielder after her final game.

“Carli gave [Horan] her number. which I think got everybody crying in the room,” recalls Williams. “We’ve known how long Lindsey has wanted that No. 10, and Carli said a speech about how long she had to wait for the No. 10.”

For Mewis, the jersey tradeoff signified the start of a new era for the national team.

“Seeing her give her number to Lindsey was a really cool passing of the torch,” says Mewis. “Carli has to trust her and trust all of us to pick up these pieces that she has always carried, so I felt actually this kind of responsibility with Carli leaving, that all of us have to fill that role that she’s going to leave behind and try to bring little pieces of Carli-isms. Obviously it’s a hole that nobody could ever fill on their own.”

Leaving the USWNT after 17 years and 316 caps, Lloyd even impressed her teammates with the longevity of her career.

“We only know a very small portion of her career, so when we watch the videos, I’m like, ‘You have just been here for so long,’” marvels Williams.

“We know that in the short time that we’ve been around with this team how hard it is, and so to know that she has done it for 17 years is just mind-blowing.”

Mewis, who is still recovering from knee surgery, was grateful to be able to participate in the October camp. The celebrations, she says, made her eager to return to the pitch.

“To have such inspiring things going on while I was there was actually really needed for me at the time and just this motivation to get back,” Mewis says. “To see people reaching these milestones and getting celebrated was just this awesome coming together that made me want to get back out there even more.”

Listen to Williams and Mewis reminisce about Lloyd’s retirement, the October camp and the team’s farewell party on the latest episode of Snacks.