Sue Bird, Sylvia Fowles highlighted in WNBA Top Shot collections

(Photo courtesy of Top Shot)

Top Shot is dropping two limited edition WNBA packs to honor the careers of Sylvia Fowles and Sue Bird.

Fowles’ will feature in the Metallic Gold Limited Editions set, which will include 25 moments from her career — including a bucket from her final home game with the Minnesota Lynx. Her pack will drop Tuesday, with a total of 8,750 packs available for sale.

“It’s incredible that WNBA Top Shot is helping bring our league and players to the forefront in a new space,” Fowles said in a statement. “It’s an honor to partner with WNBA Top Shot to immortalize my career in this space.

“Representation matters and I hope this breaks barriers for girls interested in sports while inspiring the next generation of women athletes and fans.”

Bird’s collection is titled the Game Recognize Game pack. The first-of-its-kind drop will feature nine contemporary and historical plays that are curated and narrated by the Seattle Storm legend.

“Throughout my career in the W, advocating for and empowering women in sports has been my mission,” Bird said in a statement. “I’m thrilled to partner with WNBA’s Top Shot to help increase the representation of women’s sports in the collectibles space. This is monumental for our game and this new generation of players.”

A percentage of the revenue from each player’s packs, up to $50,000, will be donated to the National Women’s Law Center, which supports gender justice in issues that affect the lives of women and girls.