Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin and U.S. women’s soccer legend Carli Lloyd are taking their talents to reality television, joining a new show on Fox called “Special Forces: The Ultimate Test.”

The show drops 16 celebrities in the Jordanian desert, where they will train with a Special Forces team in a test of endurance.

“There are no votes, and no eliminations – just survival,” per Fox’s description of the show.

Contestants are allowed to quit, may be disqualified with injuries or could be asked to leave by the trainers, the network said.

“I’ve challenged myself throughout my entire soccer career. Always looking for ways to get better every day. To put myself in uncomfortable situations. To compete against myself. I’ve had the opportunity to represent my country, to win medals and championships, and push myself to reach the top of the soccer world,” Lloyd wrote on Instagram.

A two-time Olympic gold medalist and two-time World Cup champion with the USWNT, Lloyd called the show the most “physically, emotionally and mentally challenging experience I have ever endured.”

“I was pushed past limits I never knew existed,” she continued. “There was no preparation that could have prepared anyone for this. This was a test to see what you have within you.”

Liukin, herself a five-time Olympic medalist and 2008 Olympic all-around champion, called the opportunity a “once in a lifetime experience.”

“I am so honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of this incredible show with the most amazing people,” she wrote. “This group has turned into family. Together we pushed our minds and bodies and had the privilege to get a glimpse into what the most elite special forces go through to serve their nations.”

Other athletes joining the show include Olympic silver medalist Gus Kentworthy, retired NFL player Danny Amendola and former MLB player Mike Piazza.

The show is set to air on Fox starting in January.