Oklahomaโ€™s Taylor Robertson inked her name in the NCAA record books on Saturday with her record-breaking 498th career 3-pointer.

The guard set the Division I womenโ€™s basketball record for 3-pointers, nailing her first attempt of the game against Iowa State to move into first place. She went 6-for-8 from 3-point range, but the No. 14 Sooners lost 86-78 to the No. 18 Cyclones.

Robertson is a fifth-year senior, but she still surpassed the record set by Ohio Stateโ€™s Kelsey Mitchell one game sooner: 138 to 139. She also broke it in fewer attempts: 1,134 to Mitchellโ€™s 1,286.

The record also means that Robertson has made at least one 3-pointer in 62 consecutive games

โ€œI think the main thing is consistency,โ€ Robertson said. โ€œIโ€™ve been consistent since I could even pick up a ball, and just doing it over and over. Just nailing down the fundamentals and believing youโ€™re going to make it.โ€