(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

This week’s edition of The Net Gala comes with a twist.

Gotham FC midfielder Nicole Baxter is taking on the role of JWS resident slay-by-slay commentator. With each fit from Gotham’s pregame runway Saturday, Baxter gives her take on the players’ fashion choices and how well they wore the hottest looks of the week.

Please enjoy.

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Brianna Pinto

“If I were an Adidas athlete, I’d come decked out in Adidas swag, too! Pinto went with the sporty cute skirt and crop top, and I am absolutely loving these Serena Williams tennis vibes. Aside from the actual fit, that arm on the hip is telling me that Bri is ready for this moment and she’s got a lot more up her sleeve.”

Top: Adidas

Skirt: Adidas

Shoes: Adidas

Bag: Adidas

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)
(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Estelle Johnson 

“We have a lot of competition for Gotham FC Top Model, but Estelle really takes the cake for me this week. The outfit is fire and I am beyond jealous of those Tasha Cloud Cons and how her fanny matches her pants. This girl just works it. Look at that confidence! Mmmm, I want what she’s having!”

Pants: Dressed in Joy

Fanny: Dressed in Joy

Shoes: Converse x Tasha Cloud

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Mandy Freeman

“The thing about Mandy is that she is going to make you think that you want to wear what she is wearing, but really, it’s almost a fact that you won’t look as good in it. She somehow can make any clothing item on this earth look cuter on her than it would on anyone else. And this outfit with those loafers proves that she will forever be our fashion icon.”

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Vintage Sam & Libby loafers

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Socks: Amazon

Hat: Yankees

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)
(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Domi Richardson

“When it comes to putting together a complete outfit, Domi is up there with the best of them. Obviously, this outfit is one that I’d immediately want on my body, but what’s always most impressive to me are Dom’s accessories. Sunglasses, layered necklaces, bright bag, unreal nail art … yes please! I already have half of those items in my shopping cart.”

Top: Forever 21

Pants: Aritzia

Shoes: Doc Martens

Belt: Urban Outfitters

Bag: Zara

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Ify Onumonu

“Ify just always looks so dang cute! She kept it simple with this outfit, going with the white crop and the ripped jeans. And even though you have that outfit in your closet, you don’t have the smile, so Ify stays winning.”

Top: Skims

Jeans: Brandy Melville (similar)

Bag: Telfar

Shoes: Nike Air Force 1 Shadow

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Jennifer Cudjoe

“Jennifer walked in rocking these pants and I was like hunnie hunnie! I am a big fan of matching something bold with something simple, and I think Jen nails the black crop with the camo pants. And really, no matter what Jenny girl is wearing, she is going to bring some attitude to the runway. I mean, look at that face! She must be practicing in the mirror, right?”

Top: Fashion Nova

Pants: Fashion Nova

Shoe: Nike

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)
(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Caprice Dydasco

“Cappy is our shopping queen. I always look forward to seeing her pregame fits so that I can go out and buy those exact items. I love the jean skirt with the crop and blazer, and the fun thing is that she probably didn’t buy them together. She just has an eye when it comes to putting together a good fit. She’s so cute and bubbly, and she even found a way to cover up every single one of her tan-lines so that’s a big win!”

Blazer: Sincerely Jules (similar)

Tank: Aritzia

Skirt: Free People (similar)

Boots: Doc Martens

Glasses: Chanel

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)
(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Nicole Baxter

“I have a lot of things to say for myself, but my main comment is that I desperately need to work on my modeling face. I literally look like I saw a ghost. But aside from that, CHNGE really hooked it up with these bomb sweats, and I am pretty happy with how the rest of the outfit turned out.”

Sunglasses: Diff eyewear

Tank: Urban Outfitters

Sweats: CHNGE (gifted)