The Just Women’s Sports Varsity Squad is a one-of-a-kind program that gives select college athletes the opportunity to work in tandem with JWS to elevate and grow women’s sports coverage. Athletes have the chance to build their brands with an assist from industry insiders while simultaneously using their voices to promote JWS’ mission.

The Squad

Erica Sullivan

University of Texas / Swimming

Erin Matson

UNC / Field Hockey

Hensley Hancuff

Clemson / Soccer

Jayda Coleman

Oklahoma / Softball

Jocelyn Alo

Oklahoma / Softball

Kalyany Steele

UCLA / Gymnastics

Lexie Hull

Stanford / Basketball

Logan Eggleston

Texas / Volleyball

Maddie Musselman

UCLA / Water Polo

Rachel Jones

UNC / Soccer

Sophie Jones

Duke / Soccer

Zoe Hasenauer

Oregon / Soccer