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Athletes rally in support of Sha’Carri Richardson

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Sha’Carri Richardson took to Twitter on Sunday to thank those who supported her following her suspension from the Olympic games. The 21-year-old runner’s 100m Olympic trials win was disqualified after Richardson tested positive for marijuana.

Athletes from across the sports world came to Richardson’s defense following her one-month ban from the sport, with some, including WNBA star Sue Bird, calling for a change to the marijuana policy.

Others called for Richardson to be reinstated in the 100m race in Tokyo, sparking the trending hashtag #LetShaCarriRun.

Richardson could still race in the 4×100 relay in Tokyo as the event will take place outside of her month-long suspension. Whether or not USATF selects Richardson for the team will surely be a topic of conversation heading into the summer Games.