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Natasha Cloud gaining on AU leader Tianna Hawkins entering Week 5

(Jade Hewitt/Athletes Unlimited)

Since taking over the top spot in Week 2, Tianna Hawkins has maintained firm control over the leaderboard. But Week 4 saw Natasha Cloud outgain Hawkins by 190 points, cutting into the lead that Hawkins had built over her competitors.

Hawkins still has firm control of the leaderboard with 5,425 total points. With her performance last week, Cloud sits 718 points behind Hawkins with 4,707 total points.

Team Hawkins had a big win over Team Cloud this week, with Sydney Colson delivering the overtime winner in dramatic fashion.

In Week 4, Cloud had back-to-back 25+ performances before managing just three points in the final game of the weekend. Her team did get the win over Team Sims, in part thanks to a 28-point performance from DiJonai Carrington, who currently sits fifth on the AU leaderboard with 4,056 points.

Carrington had a big week herself, leading the points total with 1,389 on the week.

On Friday against Team Hawkins, the guard put up a 41 point and 14 rebound performance. She backed that up a night later with a 28 point performance, earning 627 total points. While Carrington currently sits in fifth, she’s not one to be counted out. Another big week could have her challenging for the top spot.

Both Cloud and Hawkins have been putting together great seasons. Cloud ranks first in the league in assists while Hawkins is leading in rebounding. Hawkins is second in the league in points, with 23.6 points per game. Carrington leads the league with 23.8 points per game while Cloud sits fifth with 17.3.

Lexie Brown and Isabelle Harrison currently sit third and fourth, respectively, and could also challenge for the top spot.

The Week 5 draft will be the first key step in determining the overall champion, as winning is just as important as individual statistics. The Athletes Unlimited draft for Week 5 is at 3 p.m. ET.