Breanna Stewart says Maya Moore inspired her to use her voice

(Photo courtesy of PUMA)

Following the release of her new collection with PUMA, Breanna Stewart spoke with Made for the W to talk about the collection.

She revealed that both Maya Moore and Sue Bird have made her feel empowered to use her voice.

“Circling back to Maya, she literally stopped playing to use her voice and platform and continue to fight for more,” Stewart said. “The same with Sue. [It’s empowering] to see what extent she’ll go to make sure the league is continuing to be better and using her personal experiences to help amplify the messages going forward.”

The name of Stewart’s collection, Overdue, is meant to signal something that “should have already happened” and “already been done.”

“I think what PUMA and I are looking to do with OVERDUE is looking to invest in women,” she continued. “To invest in women’s basketball and female athletes and set the standard for what we deserve and what we should have and where we should be.”

Stewart then added that the collection is just a prequel to a signature line and shoe.

“This just goes to show that PUMA is all in and they’re ready to continue to elevate the game and set the bar for the rest of these other companies,” she said.

The t-shirt ($35) and hoodie ($70) will be available on and at the PUMA NYC Flagship store beginning Oct. 1.