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Candace Parker shouts out Aliyah Boston: ‘She’s never made excuses’

Aliyah Boston drives to the basket against Candace Parker during the 2023 WNBA season. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

There is a lot of mutual respect between Candace Parker and Aliyah Boston.

Speaking at the 2023 espnW Women and Sports Summit, Parker noted that her mother and her daughter are “big Aliyah Boston fans.” And it’s the way that Boston has carried herself throughout her college career and into the WNBA that has made Parker a big fan as well.

“I think the biggest thing for me is to see young women athletes taking advantage of the platform that they have and doing it in the way that Aliyah does it,” Parker said. “The way that she carries herself, the family that she comes from, she’s a beast. I’ve guarded her, that’s how I know my time is coming. She’s a beast in the paint, but she steps outside the lines and she’s about family, she’s about uplifting others.”

It’s no secret that Boston is a huge fan of Parker. Boston shouted out the two-time WNBA MVP after winning the national championship at South Carolina in 2022, grabbing the mic from Holly Rowe to tell Parker hello in a moment that later went viral.

“Candace Parker, I’d like to say hi,” she said to the three-time WNBA champion, who was sitting courtside at the national title game. “I love you girl.”

And as good as Boston is on the court, Parker also knows that how you handle yourself off it is just as important. And it’s one area in which Boston has excelled, as the 2023 WNBA Rookie of the Year has never made excuses for herself.

That’s one of the reasons why Boston is such a great role model for young girls, including Parker’s daughter, Parker said.

“I think the biggest thing, you handle yourself in success as you handle yourself in failure,” she said. “My biggest thing is, everything is great when you’re winning championships. But what happens when you’re not? And what happens when people say things about you on social media? Or you don’t win the championship and you come to make excuses?

“She never has done that. And I think that’s the respect that I have for her. And she’s inspiring that next young girl that wants to be herself and wants to be like Aliyah Boston.”