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Kelley O’Hara introduces The Players’ Pod with expanded conversations

(Brad Smith/ISI Photos/Getty Images)

Just Women’s Sports has officially launched “The Players’ Pod,” an expansion of the “Just Women’s Sports Podcast” hosted by two-time World Cup champion and Olympic gold medalist Kelley O’Hara.

“We are officially retiring the ‘Just Women’s Sports Podcast’ name, and in its place, we are relaunching as ‘The Players’ Pod,'” O’Hara announced on a Special Episode with Just Women’s Sports CEO and founder Haley Rosen.

O’Hara will bring her signature one-on-one, in-depth interviews to the newly minted show, adopting a similar format to JWS’ inaugural podcast.

Along with a new name, “The Players’ Pod” will also feature new guests, expanding beyond athletes to coaches, managers, investors and more in the women’s sports world, all sharing the untold stories behind their success. The podcast’s debut episode Thursday will feature San Diego Wave FC president Jill Ellis, the former head coach of the United States women’s national team.

“I’ve always wanted to be able to bring in more than just athletes, more than just the players … I wanted to be able to bring other people in the space of women’s sports,” O’Hara says.

Rosen says the show’s original premise — to tell the often-neglected stories of women’s athletes — was designed to be adaptable. Since the podcast’s launch in 2020, the women’s sports space has changed exponentially, allowing the show to evolve with the coverage.

“I think we’ve outgrown it,” Rosen says. “This rebrand lets us go bigger, it lets us do more.”

While listeners can expect O’Hara’s typical candor and comprehensive conversations with athletes like Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson East, who headlines the newest season, the show will also include interviews with the likes of Ellis. The two-time World Cup champion sits down with O’Hara to discuss her tenure at the helm of the national team and her foray into running a front office in the NWSL.

You can listen to O’Hara’s conversation with Ellis when the debut episode of “The Players’ Pod” releases at 7 a.m. ET on Thursday.