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Which CBB teams fly ‘under the radar’? Ask Haley Jones and Aliyah Boston

Stanford's Haley Jones can make an impact at any position. (James Snook/USA TODAY Sports)

Haley Jones and Aliayh Boston think that Indiana are one of the more underrated teams in college basketball this year.

On the first episode of Jones’ new podcast “Sometimes I Hoop,” the two discussed teams that are flying somewhat under the radar this season.

“There have been some really great games and I feel like Indiana this year is looking pretty good. I think all around, their scorers look pretty good,” Boston said, also calling out Jackson State. “Grace [Berger’s] mid-range jumper is insane.”

“It doesn’t matter where you are, the elevation is there,” added Jones.

For Jones, Utah seems to be a tough team this year.

“Utah is tough. Utah is nasty. They have a lot of top players,” she said.

But what the two can’t seem to agree on is whether or not the SEC or the Pac-12 is the toughest women’s basketball conference this year.

“The SEC is really top two, and not two,” Boston said. “The physicality that happens and the way that you thug it out, isn’t safe. It’s not like, no pity pat foul. No, you’ve got to knock out forreal. And that’s ok. That’s how it should be, good physical basketball.”

For Jones, the skill level of the Pac-12 surpasses that of the SEC.

“You’ve got a killer on every single team, the depth is there,” Jones said.

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