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College soccer player scores goal off front-flip throw-in

Zoey Mahoney, right, starred for Iowa's Waukee Northwest in high school and now is making headlines for Drake. (Kelsey Kremer/USA TODAY NETWORK)

An NCAA women’s soccer player did the improbable Sunday, scoring a goal off an acrobatic front-flip throw-in.

Such a goal is rarely seen, and that’s because it’s often that it would count. It can be difficult to throw the ball far enough to reach the goal. And even if it does reach the net, NCAA rules dictate that it would not count.

Unless, of course, the opposing goalkeeper touches the ball.

On Sunday, Northern Iowa’s goalkeeper touched the ball as it went into the net, meaning that the throw-in from freshman Zoey Mahoney counted as a goal. It was the defender’s first-ever collegiate goal, and she didn’t even need to use her foot to score it.

Throw-ins into the box can often lead to goals elsewhere, too. Extrapolating from the last four Premier League seasons, throws into the penalty box should produce 22 goals for every 1,000 throws, according to the Athletic — more than double other throw-ins in the final quarter of the pitch.

A second goal helped Drake to a 2-1 win, ending UNI’s eight-match unbeaten streak to start the 2023 season.