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Olivia Moultrie Granted a Temporary Restraining Order against NWSL

Olivia Moultrie Granted Temporary Restraining Order/ JWS

The judge in Olivia Moultrie’s antitrust lawsuit against the NWSL has granted a temporary restraining order in favor of the 15-year old.

The ruling lifts the league’s rule requiring players to be at least 18 years old to compete while it negotiates a contract with the NWSL Players Association.

Previously, Moultrie had asked for a restraining order so that she’d be able to sign with a team and compete in the league, citing the MLS and European leagues as reason for the age limit to be abolished.

The NWSL had argued that employing Moultrie in the league would be too costly, and the judge indicated on Monday that they took exception to that line of reasoning. The restraining order is good for 14 days unless otherwise extended. Moultrie currently practices and scrimmages with the Portland Thorns.