PWHPA’s Dani Cameranesi is looking to the future of women’s sports

Dani Cameranesi.(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)

Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association forward Dani Cameranesi is looking toward the future.

An Olympic gold and silver medalist for Team USA, Cameranesi has spent the majority of her hockey career in her home state of Minnesota. That’s why she opts to give back to her local community when she can and support local initiatives.

On June 3, the hockey player spent time at the grand opening of DICK’s House of Sport in Minnetonka.

The new House of Sport is a step up from the regular retail store, with a rock wall and outdoor turf field meant to host fitness and sports clinics, as well as practices. In the winter, the outdoor space will become an ice rink.

“I think the DICK’s House of Sport is going to have a tremendous impact on the Minnetonka community both on sports and as a whole,” Cameranesi told Just Women’s Sports. “One thing that stuck out to me was when I walked into DICK’s House of Sport there was a truck outside advocating with the slogan ‘Sports are for everyone.’ Sports truly are for everyone and the entire experience in the store is a testament to that statement.”

In May, the PWHPA announced that it had entered into a relationship with Billie Jean King enterprises and The Mark Walter Group. The groups are hoping to launch a new professional women’s hockey league in North America.

With details still to be finalized, preliminary plans include a six-team league with 23-player rosters and three coaches. A full, 32-game schedule will be played from January through April, and players will have a minimum salary of $35,000 with the proposed league-average sitting at $55,000. Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek was the first to report these details.

“The news that the PWHPA has partnered with Billie Jean King and others to form a new league was absolutely incredible news,” said Cameranesi. “Billie has done so much for women in sports and having her support behind such a good cause, and honestly just her experience in creating spaces for women to play gets me really excited for the future of women’s hockey.

“Starting a league and creating exposure where girls can see what they can be some day is the ultimate goal and aspiration for us as players and eventually giving girls a place where they can further their childhood dreams.”