Chelsea star Sam Kerr on FA Cup final: ‘I had the worst game’

(Harriet Lander - Chelsea FC/Chelsea FC via Getty Images)

Sam Kerr scored the game-winner in Chelsea’s FA Cup final, but instead of celebrating her late-game goal, she felt an overwhelming feeling of relief. The star striker notched two goals to lead the Blues to a 3-2 win over Manchester City and the club’s third straight FA Cup title in May.

“At the FA Cup Final, everyone’s like, ‘You scored two goals,’ and I am like, ‘I had the worst game,'” Kerr tells co-hosts Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams on the latest episode of the Snacks podcast.

As Chelsea’s season was winding down, Kerr remembers the stress beginning to mount and losing sleep ahead of the FA Cup.

“I was like having crazy nightmares just because it meant so much,” she says. “So after that game in the FA Cup Final, it was just the biggest relief.”

Despite notching a brace to seal the victory, Kerr didn’t feel like it was her best performance.

“I know when I am bad more than when I am doing good. I can feel when I am really impacting a game,” Kerr says.

“There’s this photo of me after the goal I scored in extra time, and it looks like I am like, ‘I am a baller. I did that.’ But I said to Kriste (Mewis), I was like, ‘Thank god,’ and then I ran to the side and everyone was like, ‘You didn’t celebrate,’ because I was like, ‘Oh god, thank god that is over.'” Kerr says. “I just got everyone in and was like, ‘We just need to defend.'”

At that point in the game, the 28-year-old was running through all the possible scenarios of how the match could play out, telling Williams and Mewis that all she could think was “get me off the pitch.”

“That’s why I scored because there is no way I was going to take a penalty,” she adds.

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