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NWSL MVP Sophia Smith breaks down her FIFA 23 player rating

(Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports)

Sophia Smith addressed her FIFA rating on Friday, breaking it down. 

She called her pace stat, which sits the highest at 95, as “accurate.” But other ratings – like her shooting — sit a little bit lower.

“Maybe the reason my shooting is 84 is ‘cause I shoot all the time,” she said. “Like any chance I get to shoot, I shoot. You take the average from that and maybe it’s a little lower, but I think you’ve gotta shoot to score.”

Her passing, however, sits at 78 to which she just said “I’m a forward.” But her dribbling she would like to see higher. 

With defense at 46, Smith said she knows her “defending could definitely be better.”

While Smith is quite analytical in her breakdown, other players like Sydney Leroux had a more brutal breakdown courtesy of her own son.