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Spanish soccer teams demonstrate in solidarity with Jenni Hermoso

Jenni Hermoso in the crowd for the Atletico/Milan game. (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

Men’s and women’s soccer teams across Spain are uniting to condemn Luis Rubiales.

Rubiales, president of the Spanish soccer federation, has been under fire since he kissed Jenni Hermoso on the lips during Spain’s World Cup celebration. The kiss was non-consensual, Hermoso said, and though Rubiales has been provisionally suspended by FIFA for 90 days, he has refused to resign from his post.

Soccer players across Spain are now showing their support for Hermoso.

Two men’s teams showed their support. Before Cadiz’ match against Almeria, players held up a banner saying “We Are All With Jenni.” Then, Sevilla’s players donned T-Shirts that read “This is over,” before a match against Girona, echoing Alexis Putellas’ social media message condemning Rubiales.

Women’s players have gotten involved in Spain, too. After Leicy Santos scored the game-winner for Atletico against Milan on Saturday, she celebrated by holding up Hermoso’s jersey and pointing to Hermoso in the crowd.

Hermoso broke her silence of Rubiales’ actions in a statement released Friday.

“I have been under continuous pressure to make a statement that could justify Mr. Luis Rubiales’s’ actions,” she said in the statement. “Not only that, but in different ways and through different people, the RFEF has pressured my surroundings (family, friends, teammates, etc.) to give a testimony that had little or nothing to do with my feelings.

“I do not have to support the person who has committed this action against my will, without respecting me, at a historic moment for me and for women’s sports in this country,” she wrote. “Under no circumstances can it be my responsibility to bear the consequences of conveying something I do not believe in, which is why I have refused the pressures received.”