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Spanish swimmer Ona Carbonell slams Olympic breastfeeding restrictions


Spanish synchronized swimmer Ona Carbonell spoke out about the restrictive measures put in place for nursing mothers at the Tokyo Olympics.

The swimmer expressed her “disappointment and disillusionment” at having to make the tough decision to leave her son Kai at home, citing “extremely drastic measures.”

In a video posted to her Instagram, Carbonell announced that her breastfeeding son would not accompany her to Tokyo due to strict rules imposed by the Japanese government.

“They wouldn’t be allowed to leave the hotel room during the 20-ish days I’d be in Tokyo,” said Carbonell of her son and family. The Olympic swimmer added that in order to breastfeed, she would have to leave the Olympic village and risk her team’s health.

Olympic organizers announced in June that nursing mothers would be allowed to bring their children to Tokyo after public pressure from various high-profile athletes.