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Taylor Cummings has a chance to clinch inaugural AU title

Photo courtesy of Athletes Unlimited

The final weekend of the Athletes Unlimited lacrosse season is upon us. Team Ohlmiller is set to face off against Team Cummings on Friday at 5 p.m. ET, kicking off the final slate of games.

After a dominant showing through the first four weeks of the season, Taylor Cummings has a chance to clinch the inaugural lacrosse title. Challenging her are Caylee Waters and Kady Glynn. The goalkeepers are within striking distance of the top spot and could make things interesting down the stretch.

Here’s where things stand as we head into the closing weekend:

1. Taylor Cummings, midfielder (1,507 points)

Cummings came on quickly but quietly, drafting last week for the first time all season. She selected Marie McCool, as she told Just Women’s Sports she would before the season started, and drafted well enough to vault herself to the top of the leaderboard. She could be hard to catch if she continues to rack up MVP points this weekend.

2. Caylee Waters, goalie (1,422 points)

Waters overtook Glynn in the goalie battle last week for the first time all season. The two have been duking it out since Week 1, with Waters earning more MVP points (165) than Glynn (45). Waters drafted her own team this week and has a chance to chase down Cummings for the top spot.

3. Kady Glynn, goalie (1,357 points)

Glynn drafted a team for the first time last week, testing her lacrosse savvy. Her team won twice last weekend and helped increase her win points total. Glynn still has an opening to move past Waters, with only 65 points between the goalies.

4. Kylie Ohlmiller, attacker (1,296 points)

Ohlmiller has drafted twice this season, once in Week 2 and again in the final week. She leads the AU field in assists and is tied for second in goals, showing why she was the NCAA record-holder for points and assists. She’s also racked up win points and could make a run at Cummings in the final weekend.

5. Kayla Wood, defender (1,273 points)

Wood emerged as one of the top defenders early in the season. Despite recording only one goal and one assist this season, she’s grabbed points by securing ground balls, controlling draws and winning games. Wood has fallen down the leaderboard a bit in recent weeks, but with a monster weekend, she could climb back up the rankings. Even if she can’t steal the top individual spot, Wood has a chance to win Defensive Player of the Year and take home a $5,000 bonus.

6. Dempsey Arsenault, midfielder (1,238 points)

Arsenault dropped off a bit this week after spending time in the top four last week and drafting a team of her own. Her team lost both of their games, and the midfielder took a hit in the standings.

7. Kayla Treanor, attacker (1,216 points)

Treanor has been a steady force on the leaderboard and on the field, with a total of 165 MVP points at this point in the season. She’s also fourth in goals and assists, making her a valuable drafting option and a player to keep an eye on.

8. Britt Read, goalie (1,192 points)

Read was high up on the leaderboard early in the season, even drafting her own team in Week 3, but she’s dropped off since then. She’s still racked up stat points, however, by leading the way with 492 save points.

9. Nicole Levy, attacker (1,164 points)

Levy has been quietly making waves all season long. She’s scored 10 goals and is tied for first in two-point goals with five.

10. Sam Apuzzo, attacker (1,164 points)

Apuzzo has been lighting up the net this season. She leads the league in goals, which has allowed her to accumulate 165 MVP points in the process.

For a full schedule of the weekend’s games, click here.

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