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Tyler Wright taking over Just Women’s Sports coverage of WSL Finals

Courtesy of the WSL

Tyler Wright is taking to Just Women’s Sports’ Instagram at the WSL finals to show us what’s going down at Lower Trestles and discuss the groundbreaking finals.

“For the first time ever, both men and women’s world champions will be crowned on the same day in the same conditions,” she said during the takeover. “That has never happened and it’s, I think, a huge moment and it’s a huge agenda-setting moment for our sport.

“You can really see the shift in backing women.”

Surfing legends Jessi Miley-Deyer, Lisa Andersen and Debbie Beacham also stopped by to discuss how far surfing has come in terms of equality.

“It’s almost unbelievable for me, for someone like me,” Beacham said. “Because we were there at the very beginning, the very pioneering of it. To have worked so hard just to get a seat at the table. And now we’re not only at the table, we’re at the banquet.”

The Rip Curl WSL Finals were called off Thursday due to poor conditions, with next call coming on Friday at 10:30 a.m. ET.