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What Pride Month means to us at JWS


Happy Pride Month!

Every day at Just Women’s Sports, we strive to shine a spotlight on athletes and fans who have historically been relegated to the sidelines. It’s never lost on us that LGBTQI+ athletes are an integral part of women’s sports — the past, the present and the future of the space.

This month, in addition to the highlights, features and power rankings you’ve come to know and love, we’re highlighting those who have played through adversity in order to make this world a more inclusive place. These are the queer athletes who have changed sports for good simply by putting on a uniform and refusing to be anyone but themselves. 

In recognition of what this month stands for, we’ve also commissioned a T-shirt designed to celebrate the LGBTQI+ community and elevate the visibility of all athletes competing in women’s sports.

Each shirt is individually hand-dyed to signify the uniqueness of our personal identities as athletes, fans, and allies, working to create an even playing field for all.

The shirt is available in our merch store with all proceeds going to Athlete Ally, a leading national nonprofit working to champion LGBTQI+ inclusion in sports.

For our rainbow of supporters out there, we see you and we thank you.

As we say here at JWS, love who you want… and watch women’s sports.