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Mystics’ Natasha Cloud aims to run for political office in future

(Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Washington Mystics guard Natasha Cloud is serious about running for political office.

After tweeting that she wanted to run for mayor of Philadelphia, Cloud told NBC Sports Washington’s Chris Miller that she plans to get into politics after her playing career is over.

“I tweeted out that I was going to run for the mayor of Philadelphia, but I really do see myself either running for mayor or for the governor of Pennsylvania,” Cloud told NBC Sports Washington. “It’s something I would love to do, I think we’re doing a terrible job.

“I think politics is too messy and I think they need real people in there that actually care about the community and not themselves. Not lining their own pockets, not lining their own things that they need or that they want.”

Cloud long has been vocal about social issues. In 2019, Cloud held a media blackout to protest gun violence in the neighborhood surrounding the Mystics’ arena. She sat out the entire 2020 “Wubble” season in order to focus on social justice.

While not looking to call it quits on the court anytime soon, Cloud knows that she wants to make an impact now and in the future.

“I want to have impact in our community that’s going to change and that’s going to progress our people, people that look like me,” she said. “And I want people to see that you can look like me, you can be like me, you can kind of follow along and you can do whatever you want, even with all the roadblocks set up in place to see us fail.”