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WNBA receives A+ on race and gender report card

(Mike Mattina/Getty Images)

The WNBA continues to be one of the most progressive leagues in sport, earning an overall grade of A+ on the 2021 Women’s National Basketball Association Racial and Gender Report Card.

The report card was released Wednesday by the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport.

Alongside the overall A+ grade, the league also received an A+ for race and an A+ for gender when it comes to hiring practices. It’s the best record in sports for racial and gender hiring practices, marking 17-straight years that the WNBA has received at least an A for its overall race, gender and combined grades.

The only other leagues that earned A’s for racial hiring practices this year were the NBA and the MLS.

With this report card, the WNBA posted a number of all-time highs, including in the number of women in ownership positions, percentage of women in team president positions and people of color in assistant coaching positions.