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WNBA to unveil Top 25 Moments in league history

(Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

The WNBA is celebrating the culmination of the league’s 25th anniversary with the “WNBA Top 25 Moments” campaign. The rankings will represent the most-searched WNBA trends on Google since the league was founded in 1997.

Divided into five categories, the moments will be revealed over a five-day period beginning Monday and ending on Friday, the last day of 2021. The categories include cultural influence, championships, WNBA icons, rookies of the WNBA and WNBA history, as the league outlined in a press release Sunday:

  • Cultural Influence: Since the league’s inception, the WNBA has made a significant impact across sports, music, fashion and culture. This category will illustrate the top cultural moments driven by consumer search trends.
  • Championships: The Championship category will identify the most compelling title-winning moments that consumers searched for throughout WNBA history.
  • WNBA Icons: This category will highlight WNBA icons on the court and their legendary plays.
  • Rookies of the WNBA: This category will spotlight notable WNBA rookie talent and their successes from draft night to their on-court rookie achievements.
  • WNBA History: As the longest standing professional women’s sports league in the U.S., there are several moments throughout WNBA history worth celebrating. This category will speak to what moments fans deem their favorite driven by search trends.

Once the full ranking is out, the league will release a roundtable with WNBA stars breaking down all of the iconic moments and unpacking their hopes for the future of the sport.