UEFA chief of women’s football Nadine Kessler has joined the call in speaking out against the new Super League.

Kessler appealed to players in a letter posted on Twitter Tuesday, stating that now is “the time to show solidarity” within the women’s game, which is “still in the early stages” of development.

She added that the move came “without any consultation” and is a “direct threat to all the plans we have carefully crafted” in order to help grow the women’s game. 

Buried in Sunday’s announcement was the plan to formulate a Women’s Super League — after the men’s league has already been established.

Others have joined in vocalizing their concern about the formation of the Super League and how it will affect the women’s teams.

Others have likewise pointed out that powerhouse women’s teams like Olympique Lyonnais and Paris-Saint Germain would be excluded from the new Super League in its current format.

Despite the fact that the league has been rebuked by FIFA and threatened expulsion by the UEFA, clubs involved in the league have confirmed their intent to move forward in the process.