South Carolina State women’s basketball coach Audra Smith was fired from her post on Thursday, one day after she sued the school over Title IX violations.

Smith filed a lawsuit against South Carolina State on Wednesday, in which she argued that the school was in violation of Title IX and took part in discriminatory practices. The suit stemmed from a January inquiry into the school’s allocation of resources to men’s and women’s athletes.

Smith, who was at the school for four years, said she was paid $30,000 less than South Carolina State’s men’s basketball coach when she signed on with the program and that her team was allotted fewer resources than the men’s team. In the suit, Smith said men’s visiting teams were permitted to use the women’s locker room, while women’s visiting teams were not allowed to use the men’s locker room.

Smith was removed from her post on Thursday with one year left on her contract.

“We would like to thank Coach Smith for her dedication to our student-athletes and for the hard work she has committed to the women’s basketball program,” athletic director Stacy Danley said.

Paul Porter, one of Smith’s attorneys, said her firing is “unlawful, retaliatory, and it invites more legal action.”