A’ja Wilson did not see Usher at the Las Vegas Aces’ WNBA championship parade. But she could be seeing him very soon.

Wilson offered up multiple invites to the eight-time Grammy Award winner, but ultimately the “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” singer couldn’t attend the parade. Rapper 2 Chainz performed following the team’s parade and celebration.

Still, Usher didn’t let Wilson’s invites go unanswered. He replied Wednesday on a social media, writing: “I wish I could’ve been there, but pull up to my show… I got U.”

“Shoutout to the defending champs, the Vegas Aces. A’ja Wilson, I got your message, I see you, I hear you,” he said in the accompanying video. “Couldn’t be at the parade but wanted to send this out to you to say congratulations to you and all the lovely ladies that once again did it again.”

He then extended an invite to Wilson and the rest of the Aces squad to come to his “My Way” Las Vegas residency show.

“I wanted to invite you to come see the show, come see me do it my way here in Vegas,” he said. “We stick together, we love one another. Congratulations on this day and I’ll see you soon.”

Sydney Colson later took to social media, saying that Wilson had hit up the team group chat about the invite.

“A’ja hit us in the group chat talkin bout WE are invited to go see Usher, but now that I’m seeing the video…SHE was invited,” she wrote. “Which is cool, that’s fine! But why lie to ur teammates?”

Wilson responded jokingly, writing: “Lolololololololol syd scores 2 points in game 4 and think she can get usher tickets awww.”