(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

See them, be them.

For every home game, the players of Gotham FC are bringing the heat to Red Bull Arena and giving you the inside scoop on what outfits they’re rocking.

The fourth edition of The Net Gala is no exception.

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)
(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Midge Purce

The subtle flex of pairing FOG sweats with 11s is something only the queen of cozy could pull off. Add in the monochromatic top, and this look is a completed masterpiece.

Top: Nike Yoga Top

Shoes: Jordan 11 (similar) 

Set: Fear of God by Jerry Lorenzo (top)  + Fear of God by Jerry Lorenzo (bottom)

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)
(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Mandy Freeman

Seeing the high-low combo of Burberry, Louis, and vintage pickups is like watching Alain Ducasse cook up an A5 Wagyu burger and topping it with a slice of Kraft Singles. By that, I mean that Mandy is out here reimagining conventional norms and serving us some of the most unique fits in the league.

Top: Burberry (secondhand here)

Leather vest: Vintage from goodwill 

Blazer: Vintage

Bag: Louis Vuitton (similar)

Boots: Tommy Hilfiger (similar)

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)
(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Paige Monaghan

Argyle is having a moment, and Paige is living her best life in it. Add in the tennis skirt (shoutout to the US Open, being played just 20 miles away from Red Bull Arena) and I, like the crowd behind her, am feelin’ it!

Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Top: Garage (sold out but similar)

Bottom: Garage

Shoes: Nike

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)
(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Domi Richardson

Domi really said, “Summer isn’t over until I say so” with this sherbet-inspired look. And you know what? She’s right.

Top and Pants: Zara (pants) Zara (top)

Blazer: Mandy Freeman’s Closet

Shoes: Nike Pixel AF1

Bag: Urban Outfitters

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)
(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Caprice Dydasco

Double denim with the Beatle boots??? JEANius, Caprice. Pure JEANius.

Jacket: Aritzia

Shirt: Reformation

Jeans: Ksubi

Boots: Schutz

Bag: Louis Vuitton

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)
(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Brianna Pinto

Bag secured, literally.

Backpack Brianna™️ is all about that three stripe life.

Top: Find Your Football 

Pants: Adicolor Trefoil 3D Track Pants

Shoes: NMD_R1

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)
(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Nicole Baxter

“Mom, it’s not a phase. It’s a lifestyle!!!” — Nicole Baxter on always using her platform for good and spreading awareness with her fits.

T-shirt: Meg Reyes x Gotham FC

Shoes: Nike (similar)

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)
(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Imani Dorsey

Easy, breezy. Imani’s pregame vibe is vacation mode, but don’t get it twisted. Once the shades are off and the uniform is on, she’s all business.

Overshirt: ASOS 

Tank: ASOS

Shorts: Levi’s 

Shoes: Vagabond

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)
(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Estelle Johnson

When I grow up, I want to be as cool as Estelle. The forces, the paisley shorts, the Gucci crossbody. *chef’s kiss*

Top: Lululemon 

Shorts: Ryoko Rain (sold out but similar)

Shoes: Nike 

Fanny: Gucci

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)
(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Ify Onumonu

Rumor has it that NBA teams rock all-black fits in rivalry games to honor the “funeral” of their opponents. I’d like to think that Gotham leading goal-scorer Ify rocked this fit as an homage to all of the ankles she’s snatched this season. 😉

Top: Urban Outfitters (similar)

Pants: Motel Rocks

Shirt: Nordstrom (similar)

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)
(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

McCall Zerboni

🎶 ‘Cause she never goes out of style, she never goes out of style 🎶

McCall 🤝  Taylor

Shirt: poshmark vintage 1989 Taylor Swift (similar)

Jeans: Jamie Skinny Crop Cut

Shoes: Adidas Nizza High top

Purse: Gucci

(Ashley Intile/Gotham FC)

Bonus round: Kailen Sheridan & Evelyne Viens

Saving the best for last, because when you win gold, you just gotta show it off.

Also, here’s to sneakily hoping this trend continues during the last few weeks of this NWSL season. 🤞

Yukatas: Toyko

Gold Medals: Tokyo