Editor’s note: this is part of an ongoing series of photo essays by photographer Jesse Louie. You can read his introductory note here.

The last hurrah.

One year today, in what seems like almost a completely different universe, over 33,000 fans packed Soldier Field in Chicago to celebrate this incredible team, one last time.

Five games in five cities. The Victory Tour was a chance to show off the team’s newest hardware and properly celebrate with hundreds of thousands of fans from across the nation.

This U.S. women’s national team was that special.

The kind of special that destroys all of the competition en route to their 4th World Cup Star. The kind of special that’s recognized as Time’s Athletes Of The Year. The kind of special that our kid’s kids will read about in textbooks — or ebooks or whatever they’re reading in school, decades from now.

So insanely special that I decided to join those 33,000 fans on a whim and drive from New Jersey to Illinois just to witness and capture greatness in action.

And in typical fashion, they did not disappoint. The game against Korea might have ended in a 1-1 raw, but the energy from start to finish was like that of the world’s greatest rock concert for 90 minutes plus.

Memories and photographs will have to hold us over until we can catch that squad back on the pitch, doing what only they can do.