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A Note to Our Readers


I have to start by stating the obvious: we’re living in strange, distressing, and unprecedented times. Never in my life have I seen so many people’s everyday lives be so radically re-scripted in the matter of a week. The coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill, and at this point, it’s anyone’s guess as to how long it will last. Global uncertainty has become the new normal.

The show can’t go on. March Madness has been cancelled, as have all college sports. The NWSL and WNBA seasons are likely to be pushed back, if not entirely cancelled, unless containment improves. And while both Japan and the IOC have so far refused to even publicly entertain the notion of cancelling the Olympics, it’s obvious that this is not only a real possibility, but is perhaps, increasingly, the only responsible one.

Sports may seem trivial at a time like this. And yet, it was only after major sporting events in America and Europe were cancelled that the general public began to take the threat of coronavirus seriously. And if we didn’t already understand just how crucial sports are to our collective identity, we soon will, as each day we wade deeper into our new sports-less world. Just as the coronavirus has already made clear just how fragile some of our most cherished institutions ultimately are, it may, in the coming weeks, likewise make evident just how much we rely on sports for both community and inspiration. (I know I can’t be the only one who spent the last weekend wishing there was a game on TV.)

But though the calendar is empty, Just Women’s Sports is marching on. We will continue to publish stories highlighting the courage of female athletes and the immeasurable impact of sports on our lives. Even when athletes can’t compete, they still have stories to tell. And while our content may look a little different over the coming weeks and months, our mission remains the same: to bring you everything there is to see and know in women’s sports.

We’re going to take this time to talk with athletes about what it means to have their careers put on pause. We’ll also revisit historical moments, highlight movies and re-watchable games to add to your streaming queue, and continue to cover breaking developments regarding both the lead up the Olympics and the USWNT’s pending gender discrimination trial. Rest assured, you’ll still be getting this newsletter in your inbox every week.

I’d like to end by sending my personal condolences to both those affected by the coronavirus as well as those who are most financially and socially vulnerable at this time. I also want to thank the many health care workers and government officials around the world who are working to contain this disease.

This is a time of widespread confusion and hurt. Show compassion. Be smart. Stay prepared.

We’re in this together.