Alex Morgan sees ‘pros and cons’ to biennial World Cup

(Francois Nel/Getty Images)

Alex Morgan sees both sides of the biennial World Cup debate, a conversation that has consumed the soccer world as FIFA has begun posing the possibility to federations, with the plans to be discussed at a December meeting.

“In terms of a biennial World Cup, I see the pros and cons in both, just with the history of the World Cup,” Morgan said while speaking to reporters ahead of the USWNT’s friendly against South Korea on Thursday.

“I think it’s really difficult to grasp the concept of changing from every our years to two years because historically, it’s just what we’ve done and what we’re used to.”

At the same time, Morgan realizes the impact it could have on growing the women’s game.

“It can really benefit club leagues around the world,” she said. “It could really benefit every federation and their players in terms of visibility, in terms of gaining more coverage for women’s soccer.

“We see a huge bump of that coverage and of media talking about women’s football when the World Cup comes around and the aftereffect of that, especially in the countries that perform well.”

Having been asked to be part of a FIFA advisory board, it’s a conversation Morgan says she has enjoyed being a part of.

“I think it’s been great to see FIFA looking for player input,” she said. “They’re looking at all regions and players who play in different clubs and different leagues around the world.

“I look at that and look at how important it would be for NWSL to actually have an advisory board in a similar way, with players and coaches and other people who have a wealth of experience looking at it from a different side than the business side or from the ownership side.”

Morgan’s former USWNT coach Jill Ellis, who is also a part of the FIFA advisory board, has separately said a biennial World Cup could positively impact the women’s game.