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USWNT great Ali Krieger on motherhood: ‘I would do anything for our kids’

(Photo by Ira L. Black - Corbis/Getty Images)

Ali Krieger loves being a mom.

The two-time World Cup champion’s plans for Mother’s Day are just to spend time with her wife, Ashlyn Harris, and their children.

When asked on the most recent episode of Snacks if there is one piece of advice she wishes she had been given before becoming a mom, she noted that she wishes that someone had told her to sleep when she could during the baby stage.

“Not sleeping. People say like, okay, good luck. Like you’re not gonna sleep,” she said. “Make sure you sleep when you can and this and that. I actually really felt like that was a little more than what was said to us. I feel like we hadn’t slept at all. You just don’t sleep either. You’re worried. And maybe this is just like the first few years, I don’t really know.”

While her kids are now “pretty good” at sleeping through the night, 10-month-old Ocean is still “kind of up and down,” she said. But she still wishes that someone had told them that sleep isn’t really in the picture anymore.

“I just wish I knew that you don’t really sleep anymore. I feel like it’s been, you just start living in the state of exhaustion,” she continued. “Like it’s just the norm and you actually have to like to go perform. You have to perform and be your best, and sometimes I get like four hours of sleep or five hours of sleep.”

Yet despite the lack of sleep, Krieger wouldn’t change anything.

“You have to just learn how to figure it out,” she said. “The amount of love that you have for your child is beyond. I would do anything for both our kids and you don’t realize how much love you could have for somebody else.

“I thought I loved Ashlyn so much, but, with our kids, I’m like, ‘this is wild,’ you know? And we didn’t even give birth to them, right? Even when you adopt a child and you bring them into your family and your life and it’s like you get to be their mom. I love them so much and I don’t think you realize that.”