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Ali Krieger talks motherhood, the USWNT and playing overseas


It’s the season finale of Off the Ball with Ali Riley, and here to round out the run is warrior-princess-turned-soccer-mom Ali Krieger. 

The World Cup and Champions League winner dropped by to discuss what surprised her the most about becoming a new mom, what makes parenting her hard, and her hopes for baby Sloane’s future. 

The two also talked about Krieger’s on-again, off-again journey with the US women’s national team and how that experience changed her perspective on the fight for equality. 

What came with that journey was being the only National Team player overseas for a while and being the first one to make that journey. 

“Throwing myself into an uncomfortable situation made me grow tremendously,” Krieger said, adding that she knew she needed that experience in order to accomplish her goals. 

Ali Riley then stood in as baby Sloane while Momma Kriegs taught us all how to swaddle Baby Ali in the Off the Ball Challenge.

You can check out the full season-finale below.