Allie Quigley wins the WNBA 3-Point contest

Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

The much-anticipated WNBA 3-Point contest did not disappoint with Allie Quigley coming out on top.

Jonquel Jones — who Kevin Durant says reminds him of himself — kicked it off with an electric start, showing that her first-half warmup paid off, hitting three-pointers with scary accuracy for 27 points as the only center in the competition.

Jewell Loyd hit second, knocking down 18 points. Sami Whitcomb put up a big first round score as well, hitting the first money ball of the contest and finishing just shy of Jones with 26 points.

Allie Quigley was locked in from the start, hitting all five balls in the first rack. It came down to the wire between her and Whitcomb in the first round, but Quigley hit the final bucket to advance to the final with 27 points.

Jones went a little colder in the final, hitting the money ball at the buzzer for a strong 24 points.

But Quigley was calm and in-charge, hitting the entirety of the third rack to overtake Jonquel Jones with a 28-point round and become a three-time champion in the 3-Point contest.