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Ashley Owusu struggles to crack lineup for surging Virginia Tech

Ashley Owusu is one of the top players in the portal. (G Fiume/Getty Images)

Ashley Owusu wants to be free. 

The Virginia Tech senior tweeted on Friday “freee meee” in response to a play of her while at Maryland.

Owusu hasn’t played significant minutes since breaking her pinkie in December. While she made her return in late January, Owusu has been averaging just 9.4 minutes per game in a nine-game stretch.

Her highest minute total came against Pitt in her return, where she played 21 minutes and had five points and two assists. The following game against Wake Forest, Owusu was not in the starting lineup and player just 15 minutes. 

Since then, she’s had just one double-digit game – 19 minutes against Virginia – but hasn’t played more than 10 minutes per game outside of that. 

Following the team’s game against Florida State, head coach Kenny Brooks told reporters that it’s difficult to get Owusu minutes given the team’s current lineup and stretch of games against top-25 teams. Of the nine games, four have come against ranked teams. Virginia Tech has won three of them.

Owusu had been a high-profile transfer in the offseason, and had been starting to gel with the team before her injury, which included a 21-point performance on Nov. 27 against Longwood.

“Very unselfish — she never really tried to go outside of what we were doing, just trying to figure it out,” Brooks told ESPN in December following the injury. “She had some games where she was a little bit in a lull because she was trying to figure it out, and then you kind of see — unfortunately for us — right before she got hurt, she was starting to figure it out. I thought she was going to get on a roll and then she gets hurt. But her attitude has been tremendous… we can’t wait to get her back.”