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Ashlyn Harris says baby Sloane gives her ‘totally different purpose’

Howard Smith/Getty Images

Some might find sharing a livelihood with a spouse overwhelming, but not Ashlyn Harris. Ali Krieger and Harris are not only wives but also teammates, holding down the backline for the Orlando Pride.

“I love the fact that I get to spend so much time with my wife. She is literally my homie,” said Harris on the latest episode of Off The Ball with Ali Riley.

“I can spend all day with her and get up the next day and want to do it all over again.”

The Pride captain went on to say that she loves having Krieger, her “ride or die,” with her 24/7.

Since welcoming baby Sloane, the couple’s first child, back in February, the dynamic in the house has shifted slightly.

“I just have a totally different purpose now. Sloane comes first, she’s the priority.”

Harris says she used to approach life “very, very selfishly,” but becoming a parent has changed things.

“Even in my relationship, my soccer came first, and my body came first, and my sleep came first, and all those types of selfish needs to get me to the next level and then to keep me there,” said Harris, “Now that Sloane is here, all that “s**t is out the door.”

Now, after games, Harris says all she cares about is reuniting with Sloane.

“When you come home after a game, she doesn’t care if you won or lost. She wants to see her mom happy and dancing around and singing ‘wheels on the bus.’

“That’s my new joy in life to make my family and my daughter happy.”

Watch the full episode of Off The Ball with Ali Riley below.