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US Soccer president reports new misconduct cases since Yates investigation

U.S. Soccer president Cindy Parlow Cone (Brad Smith/ISI Photos/Getty Images)

At least three more cases of coach misconduct have emerged since Sally Yates’ report on abuse in the NWSL was released Monday, U.S. Soccer President Cindy Parlow Cone told CNN on Friday.

Parlow Cone did not provide details of the cases but said that she has forwarded them to the US Center for SafeSport, an organization under the U.S. Congress that addresses abuse in Olympic sports.

“One of the great things to come out of this report is that it is encouraging more people to come forward,” Parlow Cone told CNN.

Three former NWSL coaches — Paul Riley, Rory Dames and Christy Holly — were at the center of Yates’ year-long investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct and verbal and emotional abuse. All three coaches were removed from their positions last year in the wake of reporting by The Athletic and Washington Post, though the reasons for Holly’s firing were not revealed until the Yates report.

The NWSL and NWSLPA’s joint investigation, which spans “every instance of inappropriate conduct towards players by individuals in positions of power,” is set to be completed in the coming months.

“I’m also hoping that people do feel safe now to come forward or are … learning about where to come forward to report this because this is so important,” Parlow Cone said. “We’re not going to be able to root it out unless more brave people come forward to tell us.”