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Coco Gauff to Emma Raducanu: ‘set time aside from the phone’

Dylan Buell/Getty Images

At 17 years old, Coco Gauff has already established herself as a mainstay on the tennis circuit.

With a few more years on tour under her belt, Gauff may have some words of wisdom to share with fellow teen tennis sensation Emma Raducanu.

“I mean, she has a Slam and I don’t,” said Gauff when asked about what’d she tell the 18-year-old US Open champion. “If anything, I should be asking her.”

Gauff did, however, share her advice on being thrust into the spotlight at a young age.

“The best thing I could [say], and I’m sure she’s probably heard it, is to set time aside from the phone,” Gauff said, according to the WTA. “Because it is exciting when you get all the retweets, all the follows and all of that, but it can be a bit overwhelming. At least in my experience. That’s probably what I wish I would’ve known: not to focus on social media.”

Between attending the Met Gala and meeting the Duchess of Cambridge, Raducanu’s post-US Open press tour has been a whirlwind. The 18-year-old, however, says her focus remains on tennis.

“The highlight for me is still, and always will be, the night I won and we went back to the hotel,” Raducanu said of the media blitz following the US Open, adding that her return to London following the tournament was filled mostly with tennis and training.