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Devereaux Peters calls USA Basketball ‘fraudulent as hell for eternity’


After the Team USA Olympic basketball roster was announced and Nneka Ogwunmike was left off of, people naturally took to Twitter to express their thoughts. 

Sister Chiney expressed her disbelief in a lengthy Twitter post, calling on the selection committee and others to “give her HER respect.”

But perhaps none went in more than Devereaux Peters. The WNBA Champion took to Twitter, calling out USA Basketball for being “fraudulent as hell for eternity” because of how they treat players throughout the process. 

“It’s politics,” she wrote. “It rarely has to do with basketball as much as they try and ‘say’.”

She also called attention to the 2012 team, when six UConn players were named to the roster and had separate team activities. Peters also points to the fact that at that Olympics head coach Geno Auriemma had Candace Parker playing “the bootiest of booty minutes.”

Peters then moved on to the Ogwumike snub, shooting down the arguments USA Basketball has made to defend their roster selections.


“Nneka has been preparing for this for years,” Peters continued. “She is ready. BEEN READY and Y’ALL STEADY PLAYING WITH HER.”

She then calls out the coaching and front office staff on the selection committee, questioning how it’s possible that Ogwumike has not been picked up for the Olympics for the third time in a row.

“It ain’t got s— to do with basketball,” she wrote. “It ain’t got s— to do with waiting you turn, it don’t got s— to do with what’s the right move cuz the reality is 9 times out of 10 whoever you put on that team winning gold.”