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FAWSL updates: Man United falters, LCFC wins promotion

Marc Atkins/Getty Images

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Scores from the latest weekend in the FAWSL:

  • West Ham 5, Reading 0
  • Chelsea 6, Birmingham City 0
  • Everton 3, Aston Villa 1
  • Man City 3, Tottenham 0
  • Arsenal 4, Bristol City 0
  • Brighton 1, Man Utd 0

The table as of today: 

  1. Chelsea (50 pts)
  2. Man City (48)
  3. Arsenal (38)
  4. Man Utd (38)
  5. Everton (31)
  6. Brighton (24)
  7. Reading (20)
  8. Tottenham (17)
  9. Birmingham City (13)
  10. West Ham (12)
  11. Bristol City (11)
  12. Aston Villa (10)

Of note: 

  • Manchester United have now lost three of their last five after leading the league for much of the season. The downslide may bring a sense of disappointment, but it’s still been an impressive sophomore season in the FAWSL.
  • Leicester City will move up to the FAWSL next season after securing a first-place finish in the second-tier Championship.
  • Birmingham’s players sent a letter to the club’s board last week detailing grievances with facilities, travel and budget restrictions. The FA is now looking into whether Birmingham City have breached the terms of their WSL license.