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Flau’jae Johnson raps about LSU’s title-winning season in new video

(C. Morgan Engel/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

Flau’jae Johnson dropped a new video Thursday for her song about her national title-winning freshman season at LSU.

The track, called “RedBull 60 Seconds,” is available on her mixtape titled “4 My Fans.” Johnson’s newest album leads with the LSU-inspired song, which originated as a freestyle she originally released as part of a challenge in May.

“They be talking down but I’ll never let it get to me,” she raps. “Came to LSU my freshman year and we made history.”

The new video to go along with the song features Johnson in full LSU gear alongside teammate Angel Reese, and she references head coach Kim Mulkey and her famous fashion sense.

“Put the pennant on the trophy, you ain’t winnin’ don’t approach me,” she raps. “Pull up courtside in a crazy fit, I look like Mulkey.”

The 13-song mixtape was released in July and is presented by Flauge Entertainment in partnership with Roe Nation’s Equity. The songs have been recorded over the last four years, featuring a dynamic range of music styles and storytelling.

“I love making records. Like, I can spit and enjoy freestyling, but I love making songs because I can show my versatility,” Flau’jae told Revolt in August. “I cannot wait for the fans to start hearing my new music.”

She’s been balancing her music career with basketball, as the NCAA season is set to begin with an exhibition on Oct. 26. The team’s first practice on Sept. 25 is set to be open to the public. And as Johnson juggles her talents, she’s excited to see where the journey takes her.

“I still feel like I haven’t scratched the surface of my capabilities,” she said. “I still don’t feel like I accomplished anything just yet. I am just trying to get better, mentally and physically. I just want to be the best version of myself.

“I have been doing this my whole life. Traits like discipline and consistency are something I have been trying to keep going. That is what helps me stay balanced.”