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IOC suspends investigation into Raven Saunders’ podium protest

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

The investigation into Raven Saunders’ podium protest has been suspended following the death of her mother, the IOC announced Wednesday.

After winning silver in shot put over the weekend, Saunders lifted her arms into an “X” position on the podium. It was a symbol that she says represents “the intersection of where all people who are oppressed meet.”

As a result, both the IOC and USOC opened up investigations into the protest.

Saunders has said she intends to hop off social media “for a while to take care of my mental and my family,” leading the IOC to adjust its response.

“As many of you will have done, we heard the very sad news this morning of the passing of Raven Saunders’ mother,” IOC spokesman Mark Adams said on Wednesday. “The IOC obviously extends its condolences to Raven and her family. (The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee has) informed us that she is being looked after and will be returning home.”

The IOC’s action against Saunders, he added, is “fully suspended for the time being.”