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Iowa coach Lisa Bluder: Caitlin Clark ‘should get more calls’

"We should be protecting the best players," Iowa coach Lisa Bluder said of Caitlin Clark. (Joseph Cress/USA TODAY NETWORK)

Iowa star guard Caitlin Clark isn’t being fouled enough, at least if you ask Hawkeyes coach Lisa Bluder.

Ahead of No. 10 Iowa’s upset of previously undefeated No. 2 Ohio State, Bluder made it clear how she feels Clark should be treated on the court.

“I do think Caitlin should get more calls,” the coach said. “We should be protecting the best players in our game. It happens in every realm, whether it’s the NBA, WNBA or men’s basketball.

“And if officials aren’t calling things because they’re rubbed the wrong way, then they should be in a different job. They should not have that job if they’re going to let a player sway how they’re calling what they’re paid to do — to call the game the correct way. They should probably have a different job.”

Against Ohio State, Clark posted a triple-double. She also went to the free-throw line more than any other player, making 9 of her 10 free throws. In the Hawkeyes’ previous win against Michigan State, she also went to the free-throw line more than any other player on the court, going 12-of-14 from the line.

Yet she was called for an intentional foul in the final five seconds of the game against the Spartans, which put the Hawkeyes’ victory in jeopardy. And she received a technical in a win against Northwestern on Jan. 11 after she expressed her frustration on the court.

“It’s kind of frustrating, but that is just how it goes sometimes,” Clark said. “In women’s basketball, people need to play with passion, play with fire. That’s what it’s about, that’s who I am.”

LSU star Angel Reese made the same argument after receiving her own technical in the No. 4 Tigers’ win against Arkansas last week, saying, “Let’s normalize women showing passion for the game.”