Kelley O’Hara gets golf lessons from Tisha Alyn in ‘Pro-to-Pro’

(Photo by David Aliaga/MB Media/Getty Images)

Just Women’s Sports‘ Pro-to-Pro series, presented by Cisco, is back for another round with golf whiz Tisha Alyn looking to coach up USWNT star and your future favorite golfer, Kelley O’Hara.

O’Hara’s decorated career with the USWNT includes two World Cup titles and an Olympic gold medal. While the defender is one of the best at keeping players from scoring, she could use some pointers on how to pick the right club.

Alyn, who has built a reputation as a golf influencer after injuries forced her to retire from the professional game, proves to be a great help, making sure O’Hara is hitting the ball off the tee and not off the ground.

The virtual lesson, made possible by Webex by Cisco, starts with Alyn instructing O’Hara on how best to grip the club.

“You wanna make sure that the hot dog and the bun, you’re fully covering that hot dog,” Alyn says. After getting the grip down, the two go over O’Hara’s pre-shot routine and get in some practice swings before O’Hara goes the distance.

Catch the full episode below: