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Lindsey Horan predicts ‘youngest’ USWNT World Cup roster in decades

(John Todd/USSF/Getty Images)

While the USWNT roster for the 2023 Women’s World Cup hasn’t been announced yet, veteran midfielder Lindsey Horan knows this year’s squad will look very different to the last time around.

“I think this has to be the youngest team that we’ve ever had,” she told Lynn Williams and Sam Mewis on the latest episode of Snacks.

Well, maybe not the youngest ever. When the U.S. won the first Women’s World Cup in 1991, the average age was 23.1 — unsurprising given the nonexistent professional infrastructure at the time. But the USWNT roster for this summer’s World Cup could be its youngest in a long time.

At the last three Women’s World Cups, the average age of the USWNT has hovered around 28 years old. At the most recent Olympics in 2021, it was even higher: 30.8 years old.

Horan, who made her World Cup in 2019, is now one of the veterans on the team at age 29.

“An oldie,” the 32-year-old Mewis taunted.

“Ancient,” quipped Williams, 30.

Horan, who joked that she now has “dusty bones,” is trying to translate her years of experience into her leadership role.

“It’s hard with this team because we have so many like incredible veteran leaders,” she said. “I’m not afraid to say it: it’s intimidating to step into that and try and insert yourself there and get the respect from the team. You have to earn it. Like, I think I’ve been on the team for 10 years now and I still feel nervous to like step into that role.” 

Horan credited current USWNT captain Becky Sauerbrunn with guiding her through the process and helping her own the role of “captain” when she’s wearing the armband.

So it’s been hard but I’ve really enjoyed it and I hope I’m doing a good job,” Horan laughed. 

I’m not really there but from the outside it seems like you’re doing a great job and I’m so excited for you,” Mewis assured her.