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Oklahoma slugger Jocelyn Alo joins new pro softball league

(C. Morgan Engel/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

Fresh off a national championship win, Oklahoma softball star Jocelyn Alo has signed with the Women’s Professional Fastpitch league, which is set to debut in June.

The new league is led by former Oklahoma star Lauren Chamberlain, who serves as the commissioner — and whose home run record Alo broke during her final season with the Sooners.

The WPF season overlaps with Athletes Unlimited, another professional league. AU drafted Alo ahead of its third season, which starts on July 29. As a result of the overlap, Alo was forced to choose, opting for the WPF’s Smash It Sports Vipers.

Alo has signed with a multi-year deal, according to the league.

“We are thrilled to have Jocelyn in WPF,” Chamberlain said. “We want to create a culture that lifts women up and rewards them for their greatness.

“Jocelyn is the epitome of the modern female athlete. The attention that she’s garnered is all deserved, and to see the world respond in a craze to a woman dominating her sport should be normalized. This is another big step for our sport and for women as a whole.”

For Alo, having to choose at all is a sign of softball’s growth. On-site attendance at this year’s Women’s College World Series set records, with an average of 12,250 people attending each session. Additionally, games aired on ABC for the first time.

“I’m excited to see how good it’s going to get from here because of the college game and how much people want to watch it and stuff like that,” said Alo, who is also a two-time USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year. “I’m excited for players who want to continue to play that they’ll have the opportunity and even little girls in the stands will now say, like, ‘Oh, now I can become a professional softball player.’

“I think it’s going in a really good direction.”